#3 of 11 Things you NEED to know about UV Tanning – Vitamin D in a nutshell

Vitamin D is known as the Sunshine Vitamin because your body will naturally produce Vitamin D when your skin is exposed to UVB. Vitamin D is known to be responsible for regulating the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D also plays a role in maintaining proper bone structure and immune system function. People living in northern climates like Canada are likely to be deficient in Vitamin D because of the long dark winter and lack of sun exposure. When we do go outside, we’re either bundled up or covered in sunscreen. Too little Vitamin D can cause soft bones (rickets) and is also linked to diseases like heart disease, breast/colon/prostate cancer, as well as weight gain and depression. Click Web MD to learn more. Current recommendations are an average daily intake of 400-800 IU, however  studies show someone deficient in Vitamin D need 5000 IU to reach proper levels. A daily vitamin D intake of 1000-4000 IU should be enough to ensure optimal blood levels if choosing a supplement route.

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