UV-Free Sunless Tanning - A Healthy Way to Add Color to Your Skin!

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Get a beautiful and perfect spray tan in seconds by our fully automated and private Mystic HD Spray Tan Booth! This unique system is the only spray-on option that uses MagneTan™ technology to ensure streak-free sessions and natural-looking color each and every time.

  • Application takes only 90 seconds 
  • Develops in 4-8 hours
  • Lasts 5-7 days
  • 3 shades (Light, Medium, Dark)
  • Audio guidance in booth for an easy
    and relaxing experience
  • Solution is clear and won't stain clothing
    (optional bronzers are available)

What is Mystic Tan Tanning Myst?

The solution used in the Mystic Tan Cartridges are a proprietary self tanning formula designed specifically for Mystic Tan to achieve the best sunless tanning results. The cartridges are Paraben-Free, which means that any preservatives in the cartridges are only the most natural available.

The active ingredient in the solution is DHA. When DHA comes in contact with the skin, it reacts with the proteins in the skin resulting in a golden brown color. DHA is made from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and is commonly used in infant formula and baby food because it is a fatty acid that is critical to brain and eye development.

How Long will Mystic Tan take to Develop?

Skin will begin to darken in 2-3 hours after your spray tan, the longer you leave it on the darker it will get. Full color will be within 24 hours. If you want your color quicker,  you can add the Mystic Accelerator to speed up development or a cosmetic bronzer to make your a bit darker immediately. 

How Long will Mystic Tan Last?

Mystic Tan lasts 5-7 days and fades naturally as your skin exfoliates. You can extend the life of your spray tan by applying moisturizer daily. Regular showering or bathing will not affect the quality of the tan, but swimming in salt or chlorinated water may diminish the length of your tan.

Will Mystic Tan Turn me Orange?

Not at all. Sunless tanning has come a long way over the years. The cartridge system allows you to customize each and every spray perfectly for you.

How do I Prepare for a Spray Tan?

For the best spray tan results, we recommend to exfoliate and shave/wax the day before arriving at Planet Beach for your spray tan. This extra step will allow you to scrub any dry and dead skin cells off the surface so that you have fresh new skin to apply Mystic tan to, thereby increasing the life of your Mystic Tan. Make sure to do this the day before your spray, not the same morning as freshly shaved/waxed skin may not get as dark.

What Cartridge should I choose?

The cartridge you choose will depend on your skin tone to begin with. Fair skin tones need less concentrated solution to develop color, which darker skin tones need more to see change. For a visual guide to selecting the perfect color visit Mystic Tan or your nearest Planet Beach location!

PB Glow Beauty & Glow Sunless System gets you a better tan in less time. From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass and Trinity Mist sprayers, PB Glow has features like no other to give you a tan like no other.

  • 4-Minute Tan: Prep, tan and enjoy flawless natural color in just 4 minutes
  • 3 Spray Nozzles: Enhance the spray pattern resulting in full body coverage regardless of shape or size
  • 2 Body Positions: Simply face forward then turn around
  • Heated Comfort: PB Glow’s heated environment leaves you feeling comfortable and dry
  • Open Air Design: Breath easy without clouds of overspray
  • Spray Logic: Game changing technology insures precise amounts of solution with every spray. Expect beautiful results and get what you pay for every time

Sky is the limit on treatment options. PB Glow is stocked with PH Balancing Prep, Clear DHA, Bronze DHA and Moisturizer. Mix and match as you like!