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Full-Body Hydration

Our luxurious infrared steam sauna infuses your skin with vitamins while you watch Netflix!

The Hydration Station is an INFRARED Sauna pod that also adds STEAM to hydrate and moisturize your skin while burning calories and detoxifying. The steam in the Hydration Station is infused with nutrients and vitamins to nourish your skin and the pad provides a light vibratory massage to help increase circulation and reduce cellulite. Sessions are 20 or 30 minutes in length and the pod reaches a temperature of 48 degrees celsius.


  • Darker & faster UV results
  • Burn Calories
  • Reduce cellulite toxins
  • Increase circulation
  • Deep and even product absorption
  • Flawless and longer lasting Mystic results
  • Smooth, soft, moisturized skin

The quest for youthful beauty and true anti-aging is the ultimate desire — and number one goal — of all beauty customers. The diminished appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging by the acceleration of new collagen production, skin tightening and plumping, smoothing of pores, the rejuvenation of skin tone and skin firming is now achievable with an octi-fusion of aesthetic technologies for a booming industry.

  • Enjoy the world’s first accelerated rejuvenation system with octi-fusion technology
  • Activate skin glow and full hydration to prepare and extend other services
  • Accelerate skin rejuvenation by reducing appearance of fine lines
  • Achieve results with combination of radiant heat, steam, oxygen & super red lights for smoother, firmer looking skin
  • Cleanses pores for enhanced product efficacy
  • Top off session with aromatic scent for added benefit
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