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Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar

Just take a deep breath and relax

The air we breathe has approximately 20% oxygen. This oxygen bar works by utilizing an oxygen concentrator that removes nitrogen from the surrounding air to deliver 95% pure oxygen through the intrepid delivery station. With up to 45 different aromas, you can enjoy blends to relax, energize, or sooth with no synthetic oils or preservatives ever used. The station is set up with 4 aromas at a time, that you can use individually or any combination of blending to suit your preference. Sessions range from 10-30 minutes per visit.

The air we breathe has approximately 20% oxygen. Breathing clean, fresh oxygen enriched air gives you energy you’ve been craving! It replenishes and renews your spirit. You can choose from 11 custom blended, all natural, plant-based aromatherapy to enhance your breathing experience. Utilizing oxygen therapy allows you to:

  • Feel more relaxedOxygen
  • Feel rejuvenated
  • Be Energized before, during or even after exercising
  • Breathe easier in higher altitudes
  • Breathe cleaner in enclosed environments
  • Feel revitalized after airline travel
  • Feel more rested

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