Professional Teeth Whitening

At Planet Beach we offer professional teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost! Our safe and convenient system features both teeth color correction and teeth whitening capability designed for superior whitening results. The Premium Grade LED light paired with our kits deliver essential elements needed for dramatic results: Peroxide, Pressure, Light, Heat & Exposure.

Our kits include up to 3 applications of gel. For the best results, we recommend doing all 3 in the same visit. Once you apply the gel, it goes to work opening the pores of your teeth and beginning the whitening process. The second application continues to lift discoloration while the third is really effective at lifting tougher stains and making everything even. Each application will take 15 minutes plus time to remove and re-apply the gel. Plan for your appointment to be about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete all 3.

What is the Process?

First, you will be given a tooth shade guide so that you can compare the color of your teeth before your session. Next you will apply a vitamin e oil to your lips to keep them hydrated during your session. Then you will insert a cheek retractor to hold your your mouth open so that you can apply the gel. Next dry off your teeth and apply a pea sized amount of gel to each visible tooth and use the brush from the applicator to spread it around. Finally, you will make yourself comfortable in our massage chair and sit under the light for 15 minutes. The same process is repeated up to 3 times for the best results! 

Benefits Include:

  • Instant results in as little as 15 minutes
  • Designed for sensitive teeth
  • Easy to use
  • No messy whitening strips to apply over and over again.