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If you are looking to achieve a deep, natural-looking tan you’ve come to the right place! At Planet Beach our UV tanning services can get you there with minimal time and effort.

Whether you prefer stand up or laydown you’ll find both options available at all locations so you can reap the many psychological and physiological benefits UV light provides, all while building an incredible looking tan and getting a natural dose of Vitamin D!

Benefits of UV Therapy Include:

  • Casual self-treatment of cosmetic skin conditions
  • Increased production of the brain’s mood-lifting chemical, serotonin
  • Promotes increased self-confidence and well being
  • Increased melanin pigment production -for that golden tan
  • Vitamin D production

Our Lay down Beds are large and spacious, with a 10 or 12 minute maximum exposure time, you will get the better results in a fraction of the time compared to a basic 20 minute lay down bed. Featuring facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and side tanners, you’re sure to get that perfect glow in no time!

If you prefer to tan standing up – we have that too! Our stand up beds are quick and easy with a 9 or 10 minute maximum exposure time and lamps 360 degrees around so you won’t miss a single spot.

Taking color to the next level, our High Pressure UV Therapy only requires 2-4 sessions a month to maintain a healthy glow, saving you time and effort.

Benefits include:

  • Increased production of serotonin and endorphins
  • Less UVB rays allows skin to remain more moisturized and does not shed as often
  • More effective for those with light complexions
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