Our Tanning Equipment

Get Your Sunshine at Planet Beach!

If you are looking to achieve a deep natural-looking tan you’ve come to the right place! At Planet Beach all of our UV tanning equipment is high intensity designed to get you the best results quickly!

Benefits of UV Therapy:

  • Casual self-treatment of cosmetic skin conditions
  • Increased production of the brain’s mood-lifting chemical, serotonin
  • Promotes increased self-confidence and well being
  • Increased melanin pigment production (for that beautiful golden tan!)
  • Natural Vitamin D production

How often should I tan?

Frequency is going to depend on your personal goals as well as your skin type. People with more pigment in their skin naturally tan better and would require fewer sessions to achieve results. People with a fair skin tone are going to require more.

Although you can  tan every 24 hours, the best way to Smart Tan and prevent over exposure while building color is to tan 2 days on, 1 day off until you reach your desired result. Then 1-2 times per week to maintain. 

Do I need to use a Tanning Lotion?

We always recommend using an indoor tanning lotion because they dramatically improve your results. Dry skin reflects up to 40% of UV light, so it's important when paying for tanning sessions that you absorb as much as possible. In addition to hydrating the skin immediately before tanning, tanning lotions contain ingredients that help build your base quicker, like tyrosine, which is basically food for your melanocyte cells. The quicker you produce melanin, the quicker you'll have a glowing tan!

Our lay down beds are very spacious and comfortable. They have high pressure facial lamps, shoulder lamps, and side lamps all to minimize tan lines while delivering incredible results with just a 12 minute maximum tan time. Relax and enjoy that warm cozy catnap while building a radiant looking tan!

Our stand up beds are quick and easy with a 9/10 minute maximum exposure time and lamps 360 degrees around you for perfect, dark, and even tanning results!