Automated Massage

Benefits of Massage

Our automated massage services make adding regular use into your wellness plan both easy and affordable. At the push of a button, you’ll enjoy a luxury massage in a private room without the expense of a massage therapist. 

Just close your eyes while perfectly applied pressure soothes your sore muscles. Often we don't realize how much stress and tension is held in the body until there is attention brought to it. Begin to deepen your breath and bring awareness to the parts of your body most needing to relax and let those muscles take a well deserved break. Allow the equipment do all the work and take this time just for you. Massage services will also increase blood flow and improve flexibility so you can rise energized and renewed! 

What Is HydroMassage?

HydroMassage is a water jet-style massage where you remain fully clothed and dry. To start your session just use the touch screen to select one of the pre-programmed massages or customize a new one just for you! Next a powerful wave of heated water pressure jets massage the targeted areas your body and melt away tension. Enhance your experience with relaxation videos, music, and internet access all in the privacy of your own room.

Experience total relaxation with HydroMassage!

HydroMassage is available at the Grande Prairie and Spruce Grove Locations.

What can Massage Chairs do?

Our zero gravity massage chairs use navigation sensors to scan your body’s shape and posture.  They have a wide variety of full body massage programs as well as options to create a customized program specifically for you!

Choose from rolling, tapping, kneading, vibrating, or air massage styles. All options have adjustable pressure to suit your preferred intensity so you can really relax. Recline all the way back into a zero gravity position and enjoy 15, 20, or 30 minutes of peace. Enhance your session even more by pairing it with one of our other wellness services like our oxygen bar!

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are available at the Namao, Gateway, and Saskatoon Locations.